Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions

1. By signing this Agreement on departure you are approving to Rainbow Parking and Shuttle full terms and conditions you are entering a contract between you Customer) and Rainbow Parking and Shuttle. Permitting Rainbow Parking and Shuttle drivers to drive your car for only the purpose of Rainbow Airport Parking Services.

2. You are taken fully responsible for the booking information submitted to us. Please ensure that you have submitted the right details upon departure, especially your Rainbow Parking and Shuttle return time. Rainbow Airport Parking Services is not responsible for any delays due to wrong information submitted.

3. The operating driver, who signs this Agreement, is exclusively responsible to make sure that a full inspection report of the customer vehicle’s condition and content is conducted (and valuables listed), if any, prior to leaving the vehicle in the care of Rainbow Parking and Shuttle. In the occurrence of such inspection, any present damage shall be designated on the sketch below and the Parties shall confirm the condition of the vehicle by attaching their signatures alongside the sketch.

4. You are taken responsible for the contents and possessions of your vehicle and Rainbow Parking and Shuttle will not be held liable for any loss or damage of these.

5. In the occurrence that the operating driver does not claim upon such inspection or fails to list valuables in the vehicle, it shall be assumed that the vehicle was in exactly the same condition, both concerning its bodywork and mechanical condition, as and when it is returned by Rainbow Parking and Shuttle to the possession of driver.

6. Upon signing this contract, the customer consents and acknowledges that Rainbow Parking and Shuttle and its employees, representatives and agents, cannot be held liable and are indemnified and held innocent from all claims subsequent from : -Theft of or damage to the motor vehicle, such damage arising from a collision, fire, scratches, dents, and windscreen damage resulting in all forms of damage including but not limited to total destruction of the vehicle whilst in the care of Rainbow Parking and Shuttle. –Mechanical faults arising whilst in the care of Rainbow Parking and Shuttle. –Loss of any articles left in the vehicle, like cash, tablets, cellphones, and other electronic devices or any other movable materials.

7. In the occurrence of your vehicle being implicated in an accident Rainbow Parking and Shuttle will provide you with means of travel to get you to your destination. Rainbow Parking and Shuttle will hire a car or taxi.

8. The obligation is on the client to ensure that the vehicle is systematically insured for total loss or damage whilst it is in the care and possession of Rainbow Parking and Shuttle.

9. Late returns are charged at our preference (usually we do not charge until the 7th day) after that, the charge is R250 per week, payable upon the handover of your vehicle. This implicates only our storage charges.

10. This Agreement institutes the entire Agreement between both Parties and no deviation or annulment is applicable unless reduced to writing and undersigned by both Parties.

11. Customers must not leave any illegal substances in the vehicle, when leaving their car with Rainbow Parking and Shuttle. The owner takes full responsibility for any action/costs taken against Rainbow Parking and Shuttle or their employees if illegal substances are found by the law enforcement.

12. Please ensure you leave your vehicle with sufficient fuel to cover a distance of roughly 6 kilometers. Failure to do so may result in a fuel charge of R120 if needed.

13. Due to the nature of the business, the owner of the vehicle allows Rainbow Parking and Shuttle with 20 km (in case) to be driven in the perimeter limited only if needed.